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When you take the ugly Christmas sweater theme to the next level 🎄 @… (2分前)
@TicketmasterCS @U2 @TMfanSupport I tried to resolve this issue on Friday - no reply.  This is the worst @U2 pre-sa… (35分前)
@TicketmasterCS @U2 @TMfanSupport My code DOES NOT WORK.   I am a fan club member and an LOCKED OUT OF BUYING TICKE… (39分前)
@TicketmasterCS @U2 @TMfanSupport @TMfansupport Called customer service last night and was told that my 5/7 Experie… (1時間前)
@LucasTizma wauw u so gud (1時間前)
Happy born day Dante Terrell Smith! #Flaco #BlackDante #TheMightyMosDef #YasiinBey @ Kmel 106 1 FM (1時間前)
"Our greatest achievement in life is being happy with the little things that probably means… (1時間前)
I got six weeks to find a more comfortable way to use Discord with the PS4 because an earbud under over-ear headphones gets painful quick. (1時間前)
What are we using for OSS equiv of Photoshop these days? Is it still GIMP? (2時間前)
@burritojustice next time there’s a Door Problem i’m going to re-enact the part of Starbuck in the aborted launch scene from the pilot (2時間前)
cat knows which flavor is best 👏🏻 (2時間前)
@esten fair enough. yeah there are things that I can accept as “fav is problematic” and there are things that ruin… (2時間前)
@esten ffs between this and the decemberists making their career on Joyful Tunes About Rape i can’t even (2時間前)
#LexxJonezJointOfTheDay #WhateverYouOn @londonondatrack @tydollasign @yg @youngthug @jeremih… (2時間前)
I'm at PagerDuty in San Francisco, CA (2時間前)
#goodmorning @ UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital (4時間前)
A gorgeous rose for the week ahead. @ San Francisco Flower Mart (4時間前)
Getting it ✅ (8時間前)
Elevating the semester experience, C9s show us a whole new meaning to selecting flowers,… (11時間前)
quote of the day: “People flocked to Patreon because no one else was offering this model and it turns out there’s a reason for that.” (12時間前)
@GammaticalError @carljackmiller I miss the time when we had the gold standard, and no wars. No sir, none at all. (12時間前)
im thinking it might be time to ditch front plates 😬 (12時間前)
remember when instagram was about dramatic filters? (12時間前)

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