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latitude: 31.2355
longitude: 121.501
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🇨🇳 en 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (2時間前)
The fantastic nightview of Pudong area watched from The Bund, Shanghai 🌃🌃🌃
#上海旅行… Shanghai (3時間前)
Acaba de publicar una foto en 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (7時間前)
Day went by in a blur capped with this sumptuous dinner by the Huangpu river. The river crab was… (7時間前)
#shanghaitower #grandhyattshanghai #shanghaibund @ Jin Mao Tower (9時間前)
Missing Shanghai ❤️
Waking up & coming back to this view every day was a dream ☁️
Thank you… (10時間前)
I'm at The Fellas in Shanghai (15時間前)
Day 6 conclusion: After the Bund tunnel we are on the east side of Shanghai. We walked around… (16時間前)
Me and my home city. #dailytravelpics (16時間前)
Our little family in coordinating outfits except Billy. #dailytravelpics (16時間前)
Day 6 part one: we went to lunch with my aunt and uncle in a car themed German restaurant. I… (16時間前)
Bright lights, big city 🇨🇳🌃 
#China #Shanghai #rooftop #nikon #landscape #thebund (16時間前)
That one in shanghai 🇨🇳 @ 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (18時間前)
Welcome to the #night #view from the world’s second largest #skyscraper after taking an… (19時間前)
I'm at 上海中心大厦 in Shanghai (19時間前)
I'm at 屯京拉麺 | 屯ちん | Tonchin in 浦东新区, 上海 (21時間前)
Simple breakfast is the best way to start a day !
#grandhyattshanghai #grandhyatt #shanghaitower (1日前)
Brrrrrrr lamiggggg #shanghai2017 🇨🇳 (1日前)
Shanghai is really traditional and modern beautiful city !
#Shanghai 場所: 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (1日前)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! ❤️ I’ve rounded up my must-have Black-Friday picks from… (1日前)
Grandiosa experiencia!
Solo el ojo humano es capaz de captar a… (1日前)
We ♥️ Shanghai ❣️🥂😉🇬🇧🇺🇸🦃️😎🎵🌟🎆👑🌹💕 #Flair58F Sooo charming night...… (1日前)
We ♥️ Shanghai ❣️🥂😉🇬🇧🇺🇸🦃️😎🎵🌟🎆👑🌹💕 #Flair58F Sooo charming night...… (1日前)
Привет, Шанхай !!! Как настроение ???😃 (1日前)
Привет, Шанхай !!! Как настроение ???😃 @ 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (1日前)
Beautiful skyline! Very peaceful atmosphere! @ 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (1日前)
Just whaouuu! @ 上海 外灘 the Bund Shanghai (1日前) my first time in front of this view: heartbeat increasing. Shanghai you’re so… (1日前)

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