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latitude: 37.7749295
longitude: -122.4194155
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#sleepingin Latest wake up call in a week! @ San Francisco, California (21分前)
@mikehand71 @rebeccasbrain Everyone can see you’re too scared to answer the question. (24分前)
Jun 29 UV index forecast for San Francisco is 11 (EXTREME) (55分前)
current weather in San Francisco: mist, 56°F
78% humidity, wind 6mph, pressure 1020mb (56分前)
This #job might be a great fit for you: Federal Tax Senior Staff - San Francisco (13949) - #Accounting #Hiring (1時間前)
Great night seeing to great authors, Alice Walker and Arundhati Roy! #literarygenius (1時間前)
Not sure how he manages to take up the entire couch, but he does. (1時間前)
Feel like the plot of every Transformers movie could be summarized as: “Two worlds collide…literally!” (1時間前)
Can you recommend anyone for this #job? Client Solutions Executive 2 - #Sales #SanFrancisco, CA #Hiring (1時間前)

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