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@leabarnes_18 hahahah god so true....I'll be at like every prac this week cuz I only have 1 hs game so see u there:-))))) (7分前)
@leabarnes_18 lea I literally miss u so much wtf where have u been 😕 (39分前)
like bitch stfu , can't wait till you get put in your place (55分前)
Love catching fake bitches and rude bitches trying to be friends with someone they don't like but talk shit anyways (55分前)
OHHHH YOU fake BITCH😂 (56分前)
Bitches going to church like: "gotta look cute for Jesus" (4時間前)
Oops (4時間前)
RT @anamarxxx: happy birthday @rowanMthomas love & miss you! 😘😋🎈 (4時間前)
happy birthday @rowanMthomas love & miss you! 😘😋🎈 (9時間前)
RT @mreddyfonseca: Julia is fabulous as well (11時間前)
RT @mreddyfonseca: happy easter🐰😉 (11時間前)
RT @mreddyfonseca: Tabi is fabulous too (11時間前)
Mia is fabulous also (11時間前)
Tabi is fabulous too (11時間前)
Lilia is fabulous , (11時間前)
Looks like today is the day I rise from the dead #yourewelcome (11時間前)
RT @mreddyfonseca: happy easter🐰😉 (12時間前)
happy easter🐰😉 (12時間前)
RT @Steph5Stahl: happy Easter 😄🐣🌸💐💖 (12時間前)
@bigwhopperj stop stalking me you freak!! (12時間前)
my favorite person in the world just screenshotted my snapchat 😪 (14時間前)
good luck with that (15時間前)
RT @Steph5Stahl: tonight better be fun 😝 (17時間前)
The temperature change between here and Costa Rica is really messing with me (18時間前)
Sometimes I laugh with god on how you can't stop me. (19時間前)
I'm at Adam's (Ashburn, VA) (20時間前)
I'm at Ashburn, Virginia (Ashburn, VA) (20時間前)
RT @fabqueenbitchh: hahaha spring break is great (21時間前)
Got my meat for the weekend! Best marinated steaks!! (@ The Wine'ing Butcher) (22時間前)
I'm at @TheUPSStore (Ashburn, VA) (22時間前)
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