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latitude: 40.552501678467
longitude: -74.291496276855
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I'm at Woodbridge Center Mall in Woodbridge, NJ, NJ (7分前)
@Astrophilia what's your tumblr? (14分前) (26分前) (27分前) (32分前)
@ChrisCruz154 OHH woah that's cool tu ba ta perdido pa ya .. Have fun Loko (36分前) (37分前)
@ChrisCruz154 cusso adonde tu esta (40分前) (46分前) (46分前) (47分前) (47分前) (48分前)
Awee I saw Nikki on campus ☺️ (1時間前)
Cause I was feelin how I looked today 😏😏 #ootd #flee #style #dope @ Classic #2 Woodbridge (1時間前) (1時間前)
@danielle_spaldi not the same! You'll be with Brett (1時間前)
@ygAddie @SloanesStuff (1時間前)
“@BobbyMaximus: French Toast Bagels” @Bellaleo12 (1時間前)
Ay ombe (1時間前)
Sometimes I forget I have an account (1時間前)
Oh Twitter (1時間前)
work is the last place I wanna be rn (2時間前)
Fucking lady men & lohanthony's (2時間前)
@Lexbubbless 😏😏😏 (2時間前)
This Friday the #MACA take over #vybefridays chrismichaelsnj @DJ4B & myself will be on the set with… (2時間前)
@theOGZay 😏😏😏❤️ (2時間前)
💮💮💮💮 (3時間前)
@WilliamdeVry1 @MauriceBenard lovin the cop uniforms.  The Great Escape with @MauraWest!! (3時間前)
@camrenbicondova @robinlordtaylor @hallmarkchannel For a great cause.  I will be watching! (3時間前)
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