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my life doe (2分前)
lol my friends rock (5分前)
@NotthefakeBrett   There has to be one large fuel shirt in your garage or something.....this is my 3rd. Concert not one shirt need one (21分前)
Panera Bread: Shift Supervisor (#Woodbridge, NJ) #Hospitality #VeteranJob #Job #Jobs #TweetMyJobs (33分前)
@xoitsMaggiie  ok boo 💋💋💋😌 (52分前)
“@whateveridgaf: @RickstaTricks @_Happy_Gilmore of*” bitch* (57分前)
@e_vanderweide lul. (1時間前)
@JTouzet94 I miss living there. Place was chill. (1時間前)
love // keyshia cole (1時間前)
“@_Happy_Gilmore: 50 Cent is ridiculous....” nigga said will you "except" instead off ACCEPT lmfao fucking idiot (1時間前)
Shopping and Applebee's with Tina (1時間前)
“@Athletesfollow_: This may be the best sports quote of all time” lmfao (1時間前)
@robinwilliams rip (1時間前)
I'm at Hess Express in Edison, NJ (1時間前)
I'm at @Wegmans in Woodbridge, NJ (1時間前)
@CoachDayne nooooo gotta disagree with you hereto my friend. (2時間前)
@Gaetaaaa no one calls elbows and gets pussy 😂😂😂 (2時間前)
@Gaetaaaa yo I was crying , I always use that excuse tho, "oh he HAS to be juicin" hahaha (2時間前)
If you don't spell my sisters name the proper way I don't think we are friends (2時間前)
RT @AllanJordan1: @ThaRealPap51 anytime Captain Hook (2時間前)
@ThaRealPap51 anytime Captain Hook (2時間前)
Second car accident I witnessed today in less than 2 hours. Shit, be safe everyone (2時間前)
@NotthefakeBrett    Will bill and I be able to buy some shirts and stuff tomorrow in Neptune? (2時間前)
Cognizant: BA (Demand Response) (#Woodbridge, NJ) #BusinessMgmt #Job #Jobs #TweetMyJobs (3時間前)
How to be a Gym Hater @Gaetaaaa please watch this 😂😂😂😂 (3時間前)
BA (Openlink) - Cognizant: (#Woodbridge, NJ) #BusinessMgmt #Job #Jobs #TweetMyJobs (3時間前)
"I like your TWY shirt, do you want my number now or later?" (3時間前)
#Woodbridge, NJ #BusinessMgmt #Job: Business Analyst (Utility) at Cognizant #Jobs #TweetMyJobs (3時間前)
People who work at lord and Taylor and macys are so lazy #1registeropened they need to learn something from saks and Neimans (3時間前)
Photocred: anaxox33 Caught Me As I Joined The Boys As I Paint My Blink Walls Ball :) #blinkfitness (3時間前)
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