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@jgentelizo @jdsobrejuanite @FrShott @lilicanezo @whillie113001 (11分前)
Constantly during religious discussions on Twitter, softcore porn bots will "like" random tweets therein, to draw attention to their filth. (14分前)
@jgentelizo @jdsobrejuanite @FrShott @lilicanezo @whillie113001 @marlonportez @titopaz2014 I have a question for you: (21分前)
@YemeniPastry a Palestinian who unwittingly supports the Zionist orchestrated war on Israel's enemies calls others "imbecile"? That's ironic (31分前)
@FrShott @lilicanezo @whillie113001 @marlonportez @titopaz2014 they read the Dyophyte reference and think 2 persons rather than 2 natures (34分前)
@jhorel_bocade I draw a different conclusion: as I read the whole Bible not just one verse: (35分前)
@lisarosal_mayne @whillie113001 @FrShott he existed before He acquired His human nature. Your straw men are cheap. (44分前)
@lisarosal_mayne @whillie113001 @FrShott I do not claim a body by itself is a person. What do you claim was in Mary's womb? Just a body? (45分前)
@lisarosal_mayne @whillie113001 @FrShott was just a body in Mary's womb? Or a person? (47分前)
@lisarosal_mayne @whillie113001 @FrShott that passage is clear to me. What is not clear is what you think was in Mary's womb. (48分前)
@PsycheDK I posted it on my fb page.  Let me know if u got it.  Very good interview (49分前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 Mary gave birth to Christ, who is our God. (6時間前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 do you think a lifeless body came out her womb? (6時間前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 she gave birth to a Person. (6時間前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 Matthew 5:37 (7時間前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 did you invent the phrase "mother of the human body"? (7時間前)
@whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @lilicanezo @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 we have argued many subjects. Now stop avoiding the question (7時間前)
@lilicanezo @whillie113001 @H_I_N_A_T_A_10 @FrShott literal (7時間前)
@robinlordtaylor @thedrewpowell Loved the Q&A session at #DallasComicCon.  "Children of the Corn"  LOL. (8時間前)
@lilicanezo @FrShott @whillie113001 @marlonportez @titopaz2014 ultimately Christ created me. (9時間前)
@whillie113001 @lisarosal_mayne @FrShott @marlonportez @titopaz2014 you said that already. You're attacking a straw man. (9時間前)
@lisarosal_mayne @FrShott @marlonportez @whillie113001 @titopaz2014 you may have lost sight of the context. (9時間前)
@alvinzky101486 no, I am not a Muslim. Why do you ask? (9時間前)
@alvinzky101486 @IraqLiveUpdate well, that seems impolite, but how do you define "pagan". (9時間前)
@GBONIFACE @whillie113001 never in the Bibke are we forbidden to ask a person to pray for us more than once. (11時間前)
@whillie113001 @GBONIFACE what makes you think Mary is incapable of praying? (11時間前)
@GBONIFACE @whillie113001 where does the Bible say persons have to have flesh? (11時間前)
@whillie113001 @GBONIFACE asking Mary to pray for us is a practice derived from the Bible. (11時間前)
@whillie113001 @GBONIFACE can you give all the names of the people who were asked to pray for others? (11時間前)
@whillie113001 @GBONIFACE the Bible does not say specifically Mary was asked, nor does it deny such. See James 5:16. (11時間前)
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